Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Specials
Dungeon Special
Increase Level
Your creatures have been blessed with experience. Increases all your creatures by one level.

Locate Hidden World
You have found a hidden realm. Go there when you have conquered this land. Typically you have a time limit to defeat these levels.

Make Safe
Your dungeon has been fortified! All of your unfortified walls instantly become fortified walls when using this special.

Multiply Creatures
Your creatures have been doubled in number. Every creature in your army is duplicated.

Resurrect Creature
You may resurrect one creature. Using this special allows you to revive any one creature that has died on the current level.

Reveal Map
The entire realm has been revealed to you.

Steal Hero
You have bewitched a Hero. This special converts a random hero from the current level to your side. The creature will be trasnported from anywhere on the level to the spot where the special once was. Note that this special will not convert Knights or Avatars.

Transfer Creature
Select a creature to take with you to the next realm. Beware, if you lose the next level and must restart, you will not keep the creature.


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