Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Heart
If your Dungeon Heart is destroyed, you lose.
Health per Tile: 1300
Cost: 0 gold

This is where creatures come through to get into your dungeon.
Health per Tile: 4000
Cost: 0 gold

Barracks Barracks
The barracks attracts orcs. If you put several creatures in the barracks, as long as they're not hostile to each other, they will group up and go round the dungeon together.
Health per Tile: 350
Cost: 125 gold

Bridge Bridge
Build a bridge to cross lava and water.
Health per Tile: 100
Cost: 30 gold

Graveyard Graveyard
Imps will drag dead bodies to the Graveyard where they will rot and potentially raise a Vampire.
Health per Tile: 350
Cost: 300 gold

Guard Post Guard Post
Create useful look out points for intruders. Each creature on the guard post takes up one square. Orcs will go to empty guard posts automatically and watch for invaders.
Health per Tile: 5000
Cost: 50 gold

Hatchery Hatchery
Hatcheries generate chickens which all creatures, except for Imps, will eat.
Health per Tile: 350
Cost: 150 gold

Lair Lair
Lairs are required to maintain an army of creatures. This is where they will sleep and slowly heal after battles. Some creatures require more space in a Lair than others.
Health per Tile: 200
Cost: 100 gold

Library Library
Libraries attract Warlocks who will research spells for you. Dragons can also be added to research spells.
Health per Tile: 350
Cost: 200 gold

Prison Prison
When enemy heroes and creatures are knocked out, they are dragged to the prison where they are starved until they die. When humanoid creatures die in the prison they rise as skeletons to serve you. Skeletons are free, having no upkeep cost.
Health per Tile: 600
Cost: 300 gold

Scavenger Room Scavenger Room
Place creatures in the scavenger room and they will try to lure other creatures in from outside into your dungeon. When you drop a creature into this room it will try to attract creatures of its type first. But it can also lure other creatures in.
Health per Tile: 350
Cost: 750 gold

Temple Temple
Ceatures can worship or be sacrificed here to gain rewards. Worship makes creatures happy. It also protects them from scavenging done by enemy keepers. Sacrificing creatures here can also provide rewards. But not all sacrifices are positive.
See the Temple Recipes section for more information.
Health per Tile: 100
Cost: 300 gold

Torture Chamber Torture Chamber
The Torture Chamber attracts the Dark Mistress. This room can be used to convert heroes and enemy creatures to your side. If a creature dies while being tortured, they will return as a ghost.
Health per Tile: 1000
Cost: 350 gold

Training Room Training Room
This room will attract the Demon Spawn to your dungeon. Creatures will train themselves to higher levels in this room, making your army stronger. Some creatures will not visit this room on their own and must be dropped in to be trained.
Health per Tile: 1250
Cost: 150 gold

Treasure Room Treasure Room
This is where your gold is stored after your imps have mined it and where your creatures come to collect their pay. A Treasure Room that is at least 25 tiles in size can potentially attract Dragons.
Health per Tile: 100
Cost: 50 gold

Workshop Workshop
This room will attract the Troll to your dungeon. Creatures who work in this room will create Traps and Doors for protecting your dungeon. Trolls and Bile Demons will come work in this room but you can also drop Dragons and Dark Mistresses in and they will work as well.
Health per Tile: 900
Cost: 200 gold


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