Dungeon Keeper

Keeper Spells
Armageddon Armageddon
The most expensive spell in the game, Armageddon will teleport all the enemy creatures on the map to your dungeon heart for battle.
Cost: 60000 gold

Call to Arms Call to Arms
The Call to Arms spell draws any of your creatures that hear it to the area it is cast.
Cost: 0-20 gold

Cave-In Cave-In
An area-of-effect Keeper Spell which causes rocks to fall, damaging nearby creatures and causing them to flee. It can be cast on any open area and only affects creatures.
Cost: 1000-2600 gold

Chicken Chicken
Turns an enemy creature into a helpless chicken. If one of your own creatures is turned into a chicken, picking them up and droping them into a Temple will cure them.
Cost: 1200-3000 gold

Conceal Monster Conceal Monster
Casting this spell on a creature makes it invisible to heroes and enemy creatures. The effect wears off after a short time or if the creatue engages in a fight.
Cost: 100-900 gold

Create Imp Create Imp
This spell allows you to create new Imps to work in your dungeon. The price increases by 150 for each imp you own.
Cost: 150+ gold

Destroy Walls Destroy Walls
Allows the player to weaken and destroy enemy walls.
Cost: 10000-26000 gold

Disease Disease
Afflicts the targeted creature with a contagious plague, slowly draining their health and infecting any creatures they come into contact with.
Cost: 7000-9000 gold

Heal Heal
Heals an injured creature.
Cost: 300-1200 gold

Hold Audience Hold Audience
Transports all creatures, except Imps, to your dungeon heart.
Cost: 1000 gold

Lightning Strike Lightning Strike
Strikes enemie creatures with lightning, causing heavy damage where you cast it.
Cost: 600-3000 gold

Must Obey Must Obey
Increases the speed of all your creatures by 25% and locks happiness level until cancelled.
Cost: 25 gold per second

Possess Creature Possess Creature
This spell is the most unusual of all and allows you to directly control a creature by seeing through its eyes. You can move it about the Dungeon, dig, fight, and explore for however long you want.
Cost: 0 gold

Protect Monster Protect Monster
Reduces the damage creatures take in battle, making them stronger and more durable.
Cost: 100-900 gold

Sight of Evil Sight of Evil
Allows you to see in enemy dungeons or in places you have not explored yet.
Cost: 50-130 gold

Speed Monster Speed Monster
Causes the creature to speed up any task such as moving, fighting, researching, manufacturing, mining, sleeping and eating.
Cost: 100-900 gold


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