Dungeon Keeper

Creature Spells
This spell is functionally identical to the Protect Monster Keeper Spell. When cast, it increases the creature's defence and makes them nearly invulnerable to Lightning Strikes. This spell is usually learnt by battle-capable creatures and so one does not need to cast the related Keeper Spell on these creatures.

Unique to the Archer, this Creature Spell shoots an arrow projectile straight forward until it hits an obstacle or creature. This ability is available from level 1, and contains unique sprites and sounds. Although the damage it deals is nothing special, it grants archers the advantage of attacking at a much farther distance than most other enemies in the early game.

This is the basic ability of the Imp and allows it to tunnel through earth.

Drain is a ranged weapon that steals some of the target's health, and adds it to the casting creature.

A Poison Gas cloud that only damages enemy creatures at close range and is unique to the Bile Demon.

A simple ranged spell which inflicts medium damage. A low level attack weapon that fires a single fireball.

Flame Breath
This short-range weapon has a fast rate of fire, and when Possessing a Creature it can be fired continuously.

Flying creatures may traverse dangerous terrain such as Lava and Lava Traps without injuring themselves.

Freeze is a projectile that suspends enemies in place for a duration. Sufficiently trained Spiders like to go Prisons and freeze captives there for fun.

Throws a powerful explosive at the approaching enemy. It can also bounce off walls and has the traditional delayed fuse.

Creates a shower of hailstones wherever the spell lands.

Hand to Hand
All creatures can use hand-to-hand with the exception of the Dragon, which uses Flame Breath. Hand to hand is grouped into two sections for creatures. Fist and sword. The main difference being the sound effect used.

Heal restores up to 200 lost health to the creature. It can also be used to prevent a creature from starving to death when there is no food.

Cast on one of your minions, it makes the host creature invisible. However the creature will decloak if it attacks.

This is a powerful magical weapon and casts a bolt of lighting from the creature.

More powerful than the fireball, this spell throws out a solid ball of fire which does a lot of damage to an enemy.

A simple spell that launches a screaming magic reptile at the invaders. Very disconcerting.

Navigating Missile
This homes in on the nearest hero or enemy creature and explodes with devastating force.

Poison Cloud
Forms a cloud of noxious gas capable of damaging both the enemy and also your own creatures. The gas cloud affects all who breathe it, not just the opposition.

Rebound is a spell which protects the creature with a shield that repells magic attacks. Most commonly found on the Ghost and Priestess.

Allows a creature to spot invisible enemies. Some creatures can spot invisible enemies naturally, and do not need this spell.

Slows down the target creature.

This speeds up the creature so that it can perform fighting and working tasks really quickly.

With this spell, a creature can teleport anywhere on the map. If you are Possessing a creature, then the creature teleports back to its Lair while Imps teleport back to the Dungeon Heart.

Wind creates a force twelve gale in your Dungeon blowing every creature away from you.

Word of Power
An incredibly powerful weapon that causes rings of fire to emanate from the creature's body and inflicts massive damage on any creature in the vicinity.


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